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Based Control

Save screenshots on most secure cloud. Faster, better & smarter Easy access

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Detailed activity reports Sort by department/ location Easy to understand chart & graphs

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Activity Monitoring

Monitor multiple networks from one place Record everything your employees do Generate screenshots at set intervals (minimum 15 secs) Keystrokes surveilling, internet & program usage

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Easy to Use Dashboard

Monitor Overall activities on one central dashboard Simple and User friendly

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Realtime Employee Monitoring

Timemonitor provides the way to see what the employees are doing at the current moment, what websites they are visiting, what apps they are using. In accordance with the settings made, computer surveillance software automatically generates alerts if certain employee violations occur. When an employee is being idle, this software for monitoring employees has a special timer on the screen that displays the amount of time an employee has been absent from their workplace.

How Its Work?

Time-monitor is simple to set up on various platforms. Just signup and create your employee/users

Download the time-monitor client software and install and start monitoring.


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Employee Time Tracking

Employee monitoring software offers a time-tracking tool which allows to monitor work hours of employees, or whole departments. Working overtime, lateness, early leaves, absenteeism, coffee breaks or smoke breaks, going out for a walk in the middle of the working day and other distractions from work duties are automatically recorded in employee time tracking reports and timesheets. These employee timesheet monitoring data are visualized in the form of graphs and diagrams. remote pc monitoring software has a productivity calendar, which allows you to configure work schedules for employees that’ll take into account their vacations, weekends and business trips.

  • Employee timesheet monitoring
  • Employee timesheet reporting
  • Employee work hours timekeeping

Who Are We And What Is Our Identity?

Employee monitoring software that analyzes their productivity at their computers. The program’s key advantages are its usability, reliability, and a comprehensive and powerful functionality.Software is already being used successfully in 60 countries around the world to control personnel and improve their efficiency.

  • Visual employee monitoring
  • Tracking employees’ working hours
  • Monitoring staff productivity
  • Information leakage prevention
  • Violation monitoring

What Our Client says

Before we move to TimeMonitor we try many software to manage and monitor work along with emplpyee timings, with Time Monitor we not only get how much time our consultant and emolpyee are spending but also how much lines of code they are writing in a day, we can easily mapped the code written with thier houlr rate of development